Boss Syndrome Fighters Return In New ‘The King of Fighters Allstar’ Event

by Gary Catig

Last December, The King of Fighters Allstar introduced two Boss Syndrome characters for a limited time. Now the popular mobile brawler is celebrating their return to test players fighting skills in intense combat.

Beginning on April 29th, you can defeat and collect characters including Boss Syndrome Orochi and Boss Syndrome Omega Rugal. In addition, another two new Boss Syndrome characters will be added for those wanting to pursue extra challenges.

In order to celebrate these fan favorites’ arrival once again, Netmarble will launch a 10,000 Ruby Check-In Event allowing users to earn up to 10,000 Rubies just by logging onto the game daily from April 20 – 29. Boss Syndrome Memory, one of the top daily check-in prizes can be collected if you log in for ten days. Quite a nice haul for just playing every day.

The King of Fighters All Star is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Gary Catig

Gary Catig is west coast raised, east coast educated, and has a touch of southern charm. He has spent most of his adult life making science fiction a reality as an engineer conducting research in the military, microprocessor, and biotechnology fields. While currently living in San Diego, he enjoys all facets of pop culture including but not limited to comics, TV, movies, and music.

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