Omid Abtahi Discusses The Importance Of Playing Hawkman In ‘Justice Society: World War II’

by Erik Amaya

Although the name “Carter Hall” would position Hawkman’s first civilian identity as white, the character’s deep ties to Egypt — being the reincarnation of Prince Khufu — means he can also be interpreted as one of the earlier brown superheroes in the DC Universe. A point voice actor Omid Abtahi is happy to mention in the following interview in support of the upcoming Justice Society: World War II. In the the film, Carter’s Egyptian heritage is both a matter of Khufu’s ka and blood. And although Abtahi is not Egyptian himself, he is happy to reinforce the character’s Middle Eastern roots.

The film itself sees Barry Allen (Matt Bomer) traveling to the 1940s while testing his abilities. There, he meets the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick (Armen Taylor), and the rest of the Justice Society of America. While trying his best to maintain the timeline, Barry also tries to assist the JSA in their mission against the Axis powers. And considering the way the cast talked about the film during Wondercon last month, it seems Abtahi’s Hawkman may have a certain chemistry with Black Canary (Elysia Rotaru).

“I never got to meet Elysia and I never got to hear anything [she] did in the booth” Abtahi said of recording scenes revolving around their emerging relationship. “Watching it, I thought ‘this girl is so cool and I’d hang out with her in real life.'” He also credited Rotaru with doing “most of the heavy lifting,” which suggest Hawkman may not be entirely cognizant of what’s going on.

As the actor notes, he does not possess the hulking physique associated with the various version of Hawkman, but we look forward to seeing how his voice brings a new dimension to the character.

Justice Society: World War II hits digital on April 27th and disc formats on May 11th.

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