Joel Hodgson Updates Production Plan For ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Season 13

by Erik Amaya

As the #MakeMoreMSTK3 Kickstarter campaign continues, show creator Joel Hodgson offered a big update Thursday detailing some of the plans for Season 13 of the movie-riffing show. As he explained in a new video loaded to Kickstarter page, the show will use a remote production technique so the cast can record their contributions safely and quickly. Hodgson even suggested the technique will restore some of the program’s DIY feel after the previous two seasons were made in a more traditional Hollywood way. And though it may sound like the season will be a giant Zoom call, Hodgson explained the plan will put actors in the same shot via shot compositing.

Additionally, the plan makes it possible for Jonah Ray and Emily Marsh to host the program. The former became the new host of the show in Season 11 while Marsh began hosting the program during its most recent live show. She also appeared in handful of special one-offs Hodgson produced through 2020 for various charities. Within the (tenuous) fiction of the series, Jonah and Emily will be trapped in different locations — each with their own Crow, Servo, and GPC — and forced to watch cheesy movies simultaneously. Or consecutively.

Marsh’s crew will see the return of performers Conor McGiffin, Nate Begle, and Yvonne Freese, who played Crow, Tom, and GPC in the 2019-2020 live show.

Hodgson also added if the campaign raises enough money to make nine episodes ($4.4 million), he will also return as Joel Robinson to host an episode. If the campaign hits the current top tier of $5.5 million, he will host two episodes.

And for those wondering about other members of the original cast and writing team, Hodgson said the door is open for them anytime they want to come in and shoot material, but as most of them have their own riffing projects (Rifftrax, The Mads Are Back, etc), he respects their preference to dedicate their time to their own things.

In the meantime, though, the stage is set for an interesting Season 13 with Jonah, Emily, and Joel. If you’d like to contribute to the campaign and see Joel return to the theater, click here. Even a dollar helps.

Erik Amaya

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