Author Sarah Hoyt To Write New ‘Barbarella’ Series At Dynamite

by Erik Amaya

Barbarella is returning to comics with a new creative force.

Dynamite Entertainment announced Friday that author Sarah Hoyt will write an upcoming Barbarella series with artist Madibek Musabekov, colorist Ivan Nunes and letterer Carlos Mangual. Hoyt is the writer of thirty-four novels ranging from science fiction, fantasy, mystery and more, including the fan-favorite Darkship Thieves.

“Writing the Barbarella stories was more fun than is probably legal in most states,” Hoyt said in a statement. “The work of learning a new format was overshadowed by the fun of being able to think big and play with someone else’s no-holds-barred character. I’ve also loved the art I’ve seen so far from Madibek!”

The story sees Barbarella on a mission filled with “danger, duplicity, and a dose of romance as she travels through multiple inventive sci-fi locales.” It will also see her confront questions of class, romance, sexuality, and more in “the classic Barbarella style.” From a planet where the rich and powerful class seek to escape a decaying galactic empire to the underwater world of Encantado, the carnival-like Rio, and more, Barbarella is on the case of the abused underclass desperately crying out for aid. Joining her on the adventure are an advanced A.I. named Taln — who’s relationship with Barbarella is “complicated,” and her new fennec fox-like talking pet, Vyx, whose story may also be complicated in its own way.

Joining the creative team on the cover of the first issue is Brian Bolland, making his Dynamite debut. Issue #1 will also feature covers from Musabekov, Lucio Parrillo, Derrick Chew, Dani, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon.

Barbarella #1 is due for release in July.

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