UK-Based Storyworlds To Begin Releasing Graphic Novellas May 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

Back in October 2020, Max Gadney announced the founding of UK-based graphic novella publisher, Storyworlds, and its first three planned books: United States of Magic, FAB, and Only Hope: Fear Farm.

Storyworlds’ goal is to work with up-and-coming creators from diverse backgrounds to help introduce a new readership to comics. Gadney, who previously worked at BBC TV and News, aims to bring new experiences to the scene, adapting his passion for storytelling while in search of new writers and voices to add to the Storyworlds catalog in their new Graphic Novella format.

“One of the best aspects has been assembling our roster of writers and artists, letterers, colorists,” said Gadney. “Artistically, we strive for art that serves the story, but also we are seeing an international style emerge – away from the conventions of hero comics. It’s been great seeing how the 60-page graphic novella tells satisfying, dense stories across the three titles we are launching with. The most satisfying moment has been seeing the finished lettering overlaid onto finished art – the moment all the elements come together to form the unique artform of comics.”

United States of Magic, written by Max Gadney, with art and cover by Julian Parry, and letters by Taylor Esposito, will be available in May 2021.

‘During the US occupation of Iraq, intelligence analyst Dana Dryden uncovers a fantastical conspiracy threatening the safety of the world and decides to help thwart the shadowy private military company behind the chaos.’

FAB, written by RAMZEE, with art by Stefano Simeone, and letters by Taylor Esposito, will drop in June 2021. 

‘When a new 3D printing technology leaks into the black market, allowing people to make whatever they want, including clones of themselves, Marcia Clay joins a secret government task force set up to stop this threat & find its source.’

Only Hope: Fear Farm, written by Max Gadney, with art and cover by Ksenia Kudryavtseva, and letters by Taylor Esposito, will release in July 2021. 

‘On a remote Pacific island where moderation staff filter the internet for extreme material, Hope Farrar, a new employee discovers a terrible secret and vows to fight back.’

Storyworlds titles will be available direct and through comic stores starting May 2021, fulfilled by partner Comics Toolbox Ltd and through Diamond Distribution. 

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