Art For Art’s Sake # 101: Bagge’s Just Incorrigible!!

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – comics, art, all looking great…which is a good thing really, there’s no way you’d enjoy one where all the art looks terrible after all. So here we go once more… Art For Art’s Sake with a load of great Peter Bagge Incorrigible Hulk to enjoy!

Peter Kuper – 26 years of doing Spy Vs Spy:

Chris Weston – now isn’t this a series you want to see?

Todd Klein – Sandman in the library of Dream…

Émile Bravo – From the latest issue of Spirou – as Bravo begins serialising ‘L’espoir malgré tout’ (‘Hope at the End of the Night’), the final part of the reimagining of the Spirou character in WWII.

Cully Hammer

Jules Scheele

Steve Rude – The Demon


Art Spiegelman – New Yorker cover…

Ria Grix – Delerium

Kevin Nowlan

Dan Hipp

Colleen Doran“The original pen and ink art to my SENSATIONAL WONDER WOMAN 5 cover. Out now on Comixology and in stores in March.”

David Hitchcock – Elseworlds Batman

Steve Bissette – Swamp Thing and a kiwi… because why not?

Greg Staples – Dredd commission

Stuff By Mark“Bands re-imagined as vintage kids cartoon shows. Another self-indulgent series of drawings by me.”

And finally, the fabulous Incorrigible Hulk from Peter Bagge. This one finally saw print in Marvel’s 2009 Strange Days, the three-issue anthology giving us Marvel characters re-imagined by the best indy artists.

It was originally meant to be out in 2003 as a sequel to Bagge’s The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man but those in charge at Marvel at the time were a little bit wary of having Bagge’s Hulk published at the same time as Ang Lee’s Hulk movie and pulled the comic.

You want to know how it ends? Well, you need to buy the book!

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