‘Assassin’s Creed’ On Acid: ‘Knights Of Heliopolis’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Jodorowsky’s reinterpretation of The Man in the Iron Mask delivers a gripping period drama filled with lust, murder, and treachery.

Knights of Heliopolis is an esoteric science fantasy epic unlike anything ever seen before.

Jodoversian is the new Lovecraftian!


There comes a time in every auteur’s career when they reinterpret a classic. The creator’s vision contrasts with the source text so that we can better understand what makes their vision unique while also seeing a timeless story from a fresh perspective.

Knights of Heliopolis is Alejandro Jodorowsky’s radical reinterpretation of Alexandre Dumas’ The Man in the Iron Mask. Jodorowsky has brought Dumas’ world of swashbuckling heroes into his own alternate dimension of esoteric science fantasy.

The main character of Asiamar is one of the most complex and empathetic protagonists I’ve ever found in a Jodorowsky comic. Knights of Heliopolis explores gender identity, spirituality, and human nature, all while delivering a gripping period drama filled with lust, murder, and treachery.

Jérémy’s artwork is equally as alive and expressive as any live action period piece film. There’s impressive draftsmanship on every page with attention to period clothing, animal anatomy, and human emotion. Jérémy’s lush illustrations add a level of grounded reality that only helps to accent the fantastic elements. Jérémy has mastered the art of anachronism delivering action set-pieces as dynamic as an Assassin’s Creed game on acid.

Longtime fans of Jodorowsky will recognize recurring symbolism and themes explored in his surrealist films and SciFi comics. Taking note of this intertextuality only enhances the reading experience and makes his auteur work stronger as a whole. Jodorowsky has created his own mythology as unique as the works of HP Lovecraft.

However, Lovecraft has reached such a level of pop-cultural status that making something “Lovecraftian” has devolved into “existentialism plus tentacles.” Jodorowsky on the other hand, is still outside the mainstream and his particular flavor of surrealism is changing the world without the world even knowing. To that end, I’d like to be the first one to say that Jodoversian is the new Lovecraftian.

Having immersed myself in the Jodoverse over the past several years, I can say with full confidence that Knights of Heliopolis is my favorite story Jodorowsky has ever written and it’s a perfect introduction to his mad genius. Knights of Heliopolis is a masterpiece and another stunning publication from Titan Comics.

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