Webcomic Weekly: Bravo For Casey Nowak’s ‘Bravo!’

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, celebrating all that’s great online and in comics every seven days. This week, something relatively new from the great Casey NowakBravo!

Bravo is pretty new, with just nine episodes published to date (I’m doing this end of April), but it’s already looking like a winner.

It’s a sci-fi webcomic about ‘a woman alone in outer space with her awful cat,’ according to author Casey Nowak, which updates on their Patreon first and on Twitter a while later.

It’s space, a long-range transport on some, as yet unknown mission, when the onboard computer wakes one of the crew (and her cat) from cryo-sleep. According to the computer, ‘Lord Wharton,’ was showing signs of “prolonged mental distress” and has been woken up for therapy… mistaken identity? A faulty computer? Right now, who knows.

All we do know is our spacewoman is planning on having a damn good time, taking full advantage of ‘Lord Wharton”s luxury quarters with an idea of spinning this one out as long as possible.

So far, so good, great artwork, funny ideas, with the feeling that we’re only just getting started with Bravo. And that seems to be exactly what Nowak’s planning, saying on Twitter that the comic is ‘secretly about hereditary mental illness and self-harm,’ as well as promising that, “despite all that, this comic is my playground and I intend to have LOTS of dumb fun.”

Yep, that all sounds like it’s going to work out just fine, loads of fun and a bit more depth. I’m looking forward to see what Nowak’s got planned.

Now.. I could tell who Casey is… but they do it so much better themself!

Casey’s a cartoonist based out of Michigan, working across print, digital, and publishing a lot of new works through their Patreon.

Casey’s comics have included the Eisner-nominated Girl Town from Top Shelf, a collection of short comics including the Ignatz-award winning stories Diana’s Electric Tongue and Radishes. They’ve also made No Better words from Silver Sprocket, a poetic exploration of sex and desire, and Duh! Ha-Ha, which is available to any Patrons. Currently, they’re working on Bodyseed, The Bone Spy – A horror graphic novel based on The Human Centipede (Really), Bright Young Thing – Short auto-bio comics, and working with Carta Monir with her micropress, Diskette.

At Casey’s Gumroad store, you’ll find copies of The Sovereign Heir, Collection 2020, the Bodyseed prologue, The Bone Spy, Duh! Ha-Ha!, and No Better Words.

So… follow Casey Nowak on Twitter, check out their comics on Gumroad, go support the Patreon, and enjoy BRAVO! – here’s the first three episodes for your pleasure…

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