‘Campisi: The Dragon Incident’ Is The New Big Monster Series From ‘Kaiju Score’ Creator James Patrick

by Olly MacNamee

James Patrick, the writer of Aftershock comics hit series, Kaiju Score returns to familiar territory with his new comic book, Campisi: The Dragon Incident. With art by Marco Locati, and lettering by Rachel Deering.

“Sonny Campisi is a small-time fixer for the mob-controlled neighborhood of Green Village. If you don’t pay your gambling debt, he’ll come and collect. If you get a little rough with one of “the girls,” he gets a little rough with you. But when a dragon flies into town and Sonny is the one who’s tasked with getting rid of it, it’s a problem unlike any he’s ever faced, and a chain of events begins that will affect everyone who lives in that neighborhood. Especially Sonny.”  

Writer and co-creator James Patrick had this to say about his new series and his excitement for this genre-mixing fantasy-crime adventure, The Godfather meets Eragon:

“The book is about a dragon that flies into a Brooklyn-like neighborhood which is controlled by the mob and how it’s the job of the local fixer, Sonny Campisi, to get rid of it. Sonny prides himself in being a problem solver, but this is a situation he’s never faced. And as the story progresses, the situation with the dragon begins to uncover some things about the neighborhood that the people who live there don’t want to confront.

And I’m excited for it to be released because this book has been bouncing around in my head for awhile and has had a long conceptual development. It took me a bit to get the balance of it right and now it’s time to throw it out there. I’m also excited because it’s a spiritual follow up to Kaiju Score, which I also did with AfterShock, and that went over very well. So, you know, maybe this carves out a little niche for me. And when I say spiritual follow up I mean it in that, like Kaiju, it mixes the crime genre with a monster element. And hopefully also like Kaiju Score, it’s more than just a hook. We’re shooting for a unique execution that makes it stronger than just its concept.”  

As for the inspirations for this one?

“Well, I love the Godfather and Goodfellas. The “mob” or “gangster” movie is iconic. But I also was an Italian growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, which for a long time was a notorious organized-crime area. One of the last in the country while other places and that type of life went away. But not Youngstown. It has a long history of infamous gambling spots and car bombings and that life extended into the decade of my childhood. I was never in it, but it was around me. A lot of people had weekly betting slips, there were card games – and so you had this part of that world which trickled into everyday life there. Which was just normal.  And that’s what I find fascinating – not just the “hits” in movies like Godfather – but how does that mix with where you live in a way that becomes normal but isn’t normal everywhere else. That’s why in this book I didn’t want Sonny Campisi to be some amazing hitman, I wanted him to be the guy who comes to visit you when you’re late paying your bets or if your music is too loud and you’re waking the neighbors.” 

If you like what you see in the preview below, go support your local comic store and add out to your pull list. Campisi: The Dragon Incident #1 is out Wednesday 11th August from Aftershock Comics

Olly MacNamee

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