Matthew Blair And Frankie B. Washington’s ‘Kaijus And Cowboys’ Available Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Matthew Blair and Frankie B. Washington have partnered to launch Kaijus and Cowboys,  a 20-page sci-fi/Western/monster comic set on an alien world that is being terraformed by a group of robots. Unfortunately for the bots, the planet is infested with giant kaiju that constantly rampage through the settlement towns, destroying everything in their paths. Enter the Hunter, one of many specially designed robots programmed to fight and kill the biggest, meanest kaiju on the planet.

‘Earth was overrun by a strange colony of Kaiju monsters centuries ago. When humanity looks to the stars to find another planet to call home, the A.I. constructs robotic settlements and “the Hunters”— robots responsible for terraforming the planet and to purge it of dangerous Kaiju— to make the planet safe for inhabiting once again.’

Backer levels start as low as $5 for a PDF of the book, and the higher levels run through some of the standard backer rewards, such as physical books, patches, stickers, digital wallpaper, sketches…

Things start to get interesting at the $100 level, where you can get a personalized 1,000-2,500 word story. At $350, you can own original interior pages, and the first person to pledge $500 goes home with the original cover art.

You can back Kaijus and Cowboys on Kickstarter right here.



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