The Almighty Arrives In ‘Lucifer’ Season 5B Trailer

by Erik Amaya

The second half of Lucifer‘s fifth season is nearly here. And if this trailer is any indication, it’s going to be a set of episodes worthy of the Almighty himself.

As seen in the preview, Dennis Haysbert joins as God, Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) needling and disapproving father. And while those tensions will lead to a lot of fun, it takes a more serious turn as the Almighty announces his plan to retire. It leads to a contest of sorts between Lucifer and Michael (also Ellis) and puts even further pressure on Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe (Lauren German). Will he be able to maintain everything and become the Lord? Or will he follow in his comic book counterpart’s flight path and discover its better to leave the universe entirely?

Well, at least for the time Lucifer flew away in the comics, anyway.

But the plot suggests at least a few more of the Lucifer‘s most cherished comic book moments may finally work their way into the show. At the same time, his relationship with Chloe means the clean break he made in the pages of the original series with his family and the world can never be as easy. Which, we suppose, will make the sixth and final season more of a must-watch. And that’s considering how resistant we’ve been to watch the show.

Lucifer returns May 28th on Netflix.

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