Something For The Weekend: Your Weekly Ten-To-Takeaway

by Olly MacNamee

Is it just me our are the weeks just flying by? It certainly feels that way with another packed programme of news, previews and more to share with you once again on this mighty fine Saturday. As ever, for your entertainment, here’s your weekly ten-to-takeway:

  1. Brendan M Allen was certainly the MPV this week with a number of entries onto this week’s list. First up his regular reviewers column, New to You Comics, which he and few reviewer, Tony Thornley, tale a look at some comic book classics. This week they looked back at Harrow County Vol.1 from Dark Horse Comics here.
  2. He also brought us news of a comic book and coffee collaboration from Valiant Comics and Geek Grind Coffee Company. Read up on these two new coffee roasts here.
  3. Heavy Metal Entertainment and Incendium announced a new comic book series, Dark Messiah, another news piece reported by Allen here.
  4. And it was Allen who posted a new podcast we are proud to be partnering up with on our site with the debut of Not Your Final Podcast. Produced and presented by Ariel Dyer and Candace Sluder you can catch the first episode we’re hosting here. And you can catch new episodes each and every Monday here on
  5. Meanwhile I brought news of Eric Powell’s newest comic book project, a biography of Ed Gein, in Did You Hear What Eddie Did? here.
  6. I also announced the news of AfterShock’s Campisi: The Dragon Incident here.
  7. Richard Bruton’s weekly preview of 2000 AD gets back in the chart this week, and about time too. As one of the few sites that cover 2000 AD I’m pleased to see it back were it belongs. Read last week’s preview here.
  8. He also brought news of the return of Octobriana here. One of the most bizarre characters to come out of comics that’s for sure. Check out her resurrection on Kickstarter here.
  9. James Ferguson brought you an exclusive preview for Archie Comics’ Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #293 here.
  10. And, finally for this week, Tito W James encouraged people disappointed with the latest Mortal Kombat film currently streaming on HBOMax to wipe away their tears and watch the animated movie, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge instead. Read why you should here.

But, before I leave you, here’s you little bit extra for the weekend: the rapped history of DC Comics’ The Flash by YouTube channel Hip Hop Comics which I highly recommend you follow if you’re a fan of comics and rap. Ch-ch-check it out below:


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