Comedy, Action, & Intergalactic Politics Await In ‘Crash & Troy’

by James Ferguson

It’s hard enough to learn how to be your best self on Earth, but how can you do it in the stars? Crash & Troy explores just that and much more beginning in July. The four-issue mini-series from Action Lab: Danger Zone is written by Jared Luján, illustrated by Kyler Clodfelter, colored by Bruno Furlani, lettered by Buddy Beaudoin, and edited by Hernán Guarderas.

Explosions! Space chases! Cat videos! Crash and Troy are mercs for hire! Latest mission? Break out some blue nerd from an intergalactic prison. Who cares?! But blue nerd’s post-prison plans might kill billions!

Crash & Troy follows its title characters, Rex “Crash” Ballard and Troy 3.0. The former is a lifelong criminal and mutant escapee of Earth and the latter is a human consciousness that’s been translated into software. They fly around the galaxy as mercenaries and this time, they’ll pulled a job with some giant consequences. These two idiots have to fix this mess or they’re done for.

The series has been in the works for about three years when Luján reached out to Clodfelter about working together. The pitch was put together for Crash & Troy, but didn’t go anywhere at the time. On a whim, they sent it around once more last year and Action Lab: Danger Zone scooped it up.

Crash & Troy #1 is set for release on July 21st, 2021. The pre-order code through Diamond is MAY211093.

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