‘Shadecraft’ #1 And #2 Are The Latest Sell Outs For Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Shadecraft #1 has already sold out of its initial first print run and now that second printing has also sold out.  So, the third printing will be adorned with a new collaborative cover by Jock and Lee Garbett. Meanwhile Shadecraft #2 gets a second printing and a new cover too. As you can see:

Needless to say, all involved are very happy, with writer Joe Henderson and Garbett putting out a join statement:

We are THRILLED to send Shadecraft back to print! Zadie’s story is a labor of love, and to see so many people enjoying her adventure is just wonderful! Guess all that time being scared of our own shadows paid off…

Look out for Shadecraft #1, third printing by Jock and Garbett and Shadecraft #2, second printing by Garbett (will be available on Wednesday, June 2nd from Image Comics.

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