Webcomic Weekly: Joe Decie’s Everyday Funnies What He Drew

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, one webcomic, one week – it’s oh so simple. And this week, we’re taking a look at everything Joe Decie, one of Britain’s finest, his wonderful What I Drew (Pictures In Boxes That Are True And Made Up) and everything else he puts up online.

Joe Decie, one of the best, carving out a quiet, reflective, corner of British comics over the past however many years. I first saw his work with his first collection, The Accidental Salad, where I immediately saw something so good in this series of ideas, recollections, moments in Joe’s life. It’s autobiographical poetry in graphic form, picking out the whimsical and interesting corners of Decie’s everyday life, rather than full-length, into all the dark places autobiog – and that’s all the better.

Decie’s subsequent work includes Pocket Full Of Coffee, Collecting Sticks, Dog’s Disco, and Telepathy Practice, all of it as supremely confident and fully formed as the very first strip I’d seen. The light, ink-washed artwork is so warm and inviting, welcoming you into the world of Joe and the family, ponderings and musings on life, meanderings on work and art and the way both seem to take a hell of a lot of time to get around to when there’s so many other things to be getting on with.

Decie used to post almost exclusively on What I Drew, but you can also find his work at The Comics Journal, and most recently at Matin (the black, white & red comics on here) where they’re available in French and English.

But no matter where you find his work, all of it is just a lovely collection of cheering musings on so many things, gentle observations on the world and Decie’s small little corner of it all, or they’re delightful flights of fancy as Decie’s over-active imagination gets the better of him (all the time). And they’re all packed with the sort of wit, warmth and wry humour you can easily see in the examples right here on this very page.



You can find Joe Decie‘s What I Drew here, his work at The Comics Journal here, and find the Matin site here (where it might just be me, but I can’t figure out a way to see all his work at Matin in one place – just scroll through until you see his work).

Then stop in and say hello on Twitter, and be sure to shop his store.



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