DC Black Label Release A Preview For James Tynion IV’s ‘The Nice House On The Lake’ #1

by Olly MacNamee


Announced in March, the unstoppable James Tynion IV brings his latest creator owned horror comic, The Nice House On The Lake, to DC Black Label. Joining him on this new maxi-series is artist Álvaro Martínez Bueno and colourist Jordie Bellaire. 

But, what can we expect, other than the horror of course?

“This is a character-driven story where people need to grapple with living in a seeming paradise that they KNOW is not a paradise. It’s about the cognitive dissonance of trying to relax in comfort when you know that the world around you is falling apart. It’s also a story about how friendship evolves as you enter adulthood, and how you can’t recapture the bonds of youth in your adult life.” – James Tynion IV

Well, now we have a preview of the debut issue, coming out Tuesday June 1st, and a pretty dialogue heavy one at that. Boy, Tynion IV doesn’t make it easy for himself, does he? But, as someone who can handle a good amount of dialogue in my comics, I’m all for it! How about you?

It all begins with the nice house on the lake…

Everyone who was invited to the house knows Walter—well, they know him a little, anyway. Some met him in childhood; some met him months ago. And Walter’s always been a little…off. But after the hardest year of their lives, nobody was going to turn down Walter’s invitation to an astonishingly beautiful house in the woods, overlooking an enormous sylvan lake.

It’s beautiful, it’s opulent, it’s private—so a week of putting up with Walter’s weird little schemes and nicknames in exchange for the vacation of a lifetime? Why not? All of them were at that moment in their lives when they could feel themselves pulling away from their other friends; wouldn’t a chance to reconnect be…nice? Wouldn’t an escape from the horrors of their everyday lives be…idyllic?

Would you accept this invitation from one of your oldest friends?”

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