Thor Brings The Thunder As Newest Addition To ‘Marvel Realm of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Marvel Realm of Champions is receiving a new character this month with its latest update. Arriving to the popular real-time, team based action RPG is the proud warrior of the Thor Corps, Thor.

Thor serves under Baron War Thor of the Asgardian Republic. The character is a melee-class bruiser whose specialty is close quarter combat in the 1 v 1 arena. Players can choose to equip Thor with either Mjolnir, which is effective against crowds, or Stormbreaker, which can deal large amounts of damage. Also in the update is the next chapter in the war-torn story where you must prevent Skaar and his Gamma Horde from unleashing a devastating weapon upon Battleworld.

Other features include:

  • Summoner’s Journey – A brand new form of Solo Progression that unlocks new rewards and custom comics that reveal more on Marvel Realm of Champions’ world lore
  • Showdown / Pinnacle Quests – Two new game modes make their debut! Showdown has players go head-to-head to face Skaar of the Gamma Horde in 3v1 combat, while Pinnacle Quest sends your Champions on difficult missions in order to prove your strength against War Thor’s chosen warriors – all for rare and powerful prizes upon completion!
  • Seasons – Competitive players can now look forward to increase their Champion’s Battle Rating in this monthly competition, where valuable rewards and bragging rewards are on the line!

Marvel Realm of Champions can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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