X-Men Hellfire Gala: New Dauterman Green Carpet Variants Revealed

by Tony Thornley

We’re getting closer and closer to June’s monumental Hellfire Gala event. We’ve seen fashion and story teases. Now we get a glimpse at the red- I mean green– carpet in a new round of interconnecting variants showcasing some of the fashion coming up across the event by superstar artist Russell Dauterman.

Leading the charge in designing many of the “mutant fashion” looks, Dauterman has created an interconnecting image that will stretch across all twelve issues in June. These covers feature twelve different A-list mutants, from Storm, to Cyclops, to Wolverine, to Captain Britain, all in their incredible fashion.

The Hellfire Gala is how mutantkind shows the world they are the future. These covers are just the beginning of that.

“X-Men costumes are one of my favorite things. As a teenager that’s what I would draw the most—doodles of an X-character in all their looks. So, I’m absolutely thrilled—designing costumes for the mutants is top-of-the-list, dream job stuff,” Dauterman told Entertainment Weekly. “The Hellfire Gala is unique and exciting for the X-Men, and this opportunity is really special for me—I tried to have that come across in the character designs. As Emma Frost said, ‘The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous.’”

Be sure to pick up all twelve Hellfire Gala issues in June from Marvel Comics, and check out a gallery of all twelve covers below!


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