Blake Lively To Star In ‘Lady Killer’ Adaptation

by Erik Amaya

Blake Lively is the face Josie Schuller will adopt in a forthcoming adaptation of Dark Horse Comics’ Lady Killer.

The duo of limited series, devised, written, and drawn by Joëlle Jones (with an assist from writer Jamie S. Rich), tells the tale of a seemingly perfect 1950s housewife. But while her husband spends his days at the office, Josie also works a side job as a contract killer. And though she is very good at her occupation, the desire to maintain a “normal” family life does weigh on her. Also, the very nature of murder-for-hire means her works is often perilously close to coming home with her.

The two volumes published so far are a delight to read and garnered Jones an Eisner nominations for Best Limited Series in 2016.

Besides starring in the film, Lively will also act as a producer alongside Dark Horse Entertainments’ Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg, and B for Effort’s Kate Vorhoff. Juno‘s Diablo Cody will adapt the comic into a screenplay, but no director has yet signed on to helm the project.

As with all newly announced projects, it is unclear how quickly Lady Killer will move into production, but we hope it is swift as it could prove to be a really fun adaptation.

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