Preview: A Dreamlike Dystopian Landscape In ‘Quest For Materialilty’

by Brendan M. Allen

Jon Gusman and Cauldron of Burgers have announced Quest for Materiality, an all-new three-part series. 

‘Arga the Barbarian has left her homeland to embark on a quest to bring “The Sacred Elements” together to prove that the journey is more than just a fable, she navigates a dream-like dystopian landscape, having many encounters with action, adventure and surrealist imagery in connection to the Cauldron Of Burgers universe.’

Inspired by Raymond Pettibon, Gary Panter, and Mike Judge, Gusman has created his own interconnected universe in which characters make appearances and cameos across his paintings, stories, and indie comics.

“I’m always caught up in the flow of the story, which I feel makes for stronger storytelling,” said Gusman. “I think that’s what makes my work special. I let my thoughts and ideas show themselves in the most genuine form possible and only really reign them in enough so that they make sense and carry the story along. I know most people might scoff at that but I take pride in it.  I have a constant craving to flip things on their head and cancel out the mental reminder of what others expect of me. I am that kind of comics artist.”

Cauldron Of Burgers Presents Quest for Materiality is available for purchase here

Subsequent issues of Quest for Materiality will be released on June 2 and July 7, 2021.

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