X-Men Hellfire Gala: What Famous Real World Faces Are Coming To Krakoa?!

by Tony Thornley

Famous real life figures showing up in comics is a tradition dating back decades, from Spider-Man teaming with the cast of Saturday Night Live, to the Avengers appearing on Late Night with David Letterman, and to the Clintons speaking at Superman’s funeral. That tradition is alive in the Hellfire Gala, as multiple famous faces are set to appear.

The twelve issue June event is already promising to be a huge moment in the ongoing story of Krakoa. However, as revealed this week, the guest list isn’t limited to mutants or the world’s greatest heroes. Stars of comedy, music, sports, and more are set to appear and the list is growing.

“The Hellfire Gala will be the culmination of months of anticipation, and as one of the biggest nights in X-Men history, it only made sense that the nation of Krakoa would invite some of the world’s biggest stars to witness it for themselves,” said Mike Pasciullo, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Marvel. “We thank all of our special guests for joining us for this exclusive in-world event, along with the incredible artists who brought them to life on the page.”

So far the confirmed attendees include Eminem, Conan O’Brien (making his first Marvel appearance after years closely tied to DC Comics), Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Ira Glass, and Pete Alonso. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as the list keeps growing.

Keep your eye on the guest list, and watch for more news from the Hellfire Gala as its revealed. The Hellfire Gala will roll out across Marvel’s entire X-Men line this June.

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