RIP Dave Evans / Bolt-01: A Quiet Legend Of Brit Comics

by Richard Bruton

This week, we lost someone else in comics, Dave Evans, often known as Bolt-01, a letterer, a publisher, a friend to many in British comics. A life lost way too early.

Dave Evans – right, with Richmond Clements, doing what he loved most

Dave Evans was many things, but most of all he was someone who epitomized the relatively small world of British comics.

As I said, he was a letterer of many comics, but I think his lasting legacy is as the publisher behind FutureQuake Press, publisher of the 2000 AD – related fanzines Dogbreath and Zarjaz, someone whose life in comics was way more than a fan, he was a mainstay at conventions, a dedicated publisher (who never stopped being a fan), someone whose influence and reach has affected so many creators over the years.

There are many people in the British comics industry feeling saddened by their loss today. Some of them are just fans, many of them have gone from being fans to published artists in those FutureQuake Publications, some have gone on to being professional artists and writers.

And it’s all thanks to the tireless, unselfish dedication of Dave Evans.

PJ Holden managed to sum it up perfectly in a tweet –

That sums it up so well. And I know there are so many of us in British comics who feel that we’ve lost someone very important to the industry this week. Someone who was always there to support new and upcoming creators, someone who genuinely loved the medium.

Here’s 2000 AD

Paul Williams –

Jim Campbell –

Mike Carroll –

Stacey Whittle –

Kek-W –

The medium is worse off for his loss today. Anyone who knew him, personally or professionally knows what a loss this is to the British comics scene. And the outpouring of love and respect for him is a testament to the work he did, to the man he was.

Personally, I’d met him a few times at conventions, chatted through email and in person, and he was never anything less, never anything more, than a wonderful person, a fan, an enabler, a man who did so much for British comics, a man who managed to have a huge influence on Brit comics.

We’re all worse off for the loss of Dave Evans today. Our sympathies go out to his friends, his family, and all those who knew him.

Cover by Nigel Dobbyn
Cover by Mick Cassidy
Cover by Dave Taylor

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