Spidey Sunday Special (Part 1): Previewing ‘Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Kings Ransom #1

by Olly MacNamee

With a large amount of Spider-Man related publications comic from the House of Mouse this week, we dedicate this week’s Super Sunday to Peter Parker and his extended family. And what better title to kick off a Sunday full of them that Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Kings Ransom #1 featuring ol’ webbed himself?

Cover by Mark Bagley

Written by: Nick Spencer
Art by: Roge Antonio

“Everything comes down to this! Kingpin’s quest that violates all natural law! Tombstone and Robbie Robertson’s years’ old enmity! Randy Robertson and Beetle’s timeless love! Boomerang’s scheme! Spider-Man’s whole status quo!”

Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Kings Ransom #1 is out Wednesday 12th May from Marvel

Olly MacNamee

A unashamed DC Comics fan and sometime teacher for over 20 years! I got lucky and found the escape hatch. Now, I just read and write about comics all day long. Co-host of the ICE-Cast podcast and one third of the brains behind Birmingham's street art and graffiti festival High Vis Fest.

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