The Weekly 2000 AD Prog 2231: Your Regular Thrill-Powered Preview Of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic

by Richard Bruton

The Weekly 2000 AD, Comicon’s weekly preview of all the thrill-power the UK’s finest sci-fi comic has to offer…

Cover by Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague

This week, get yourself ready for a brand-new Judge Dredd, ‘Easy Money’, from Mike Carroll and Simon Fraser, there’s more from folklore horrors in Thistlebone, more fantasy laughs in Feral & Foe II, along with the second part of Symbiotic Love Triangle’ with those miraculous marvels of gastrointestinal goodness, The Intestinauts. Rounding out the Prog, there’s a brand-new Future Shock; ‘Goodbye To Zane’.

2000 AD Prog 2231 is out on 12 May. Even with lockdown loosening, it’s no time to slack off with the masks and the distancing, but it’s also your chance to get out there (safely) and support your local comic shop. Be kind, be safe, mask up.

JUDGE DREDD: EASY MONEY – PART 1 – Mike Carroll, Simon Fraser, colours by Gary Caldwell, letters by Annie Parkhouse

It’s easy to forget, what with the regular destruction and devastation that you get to see in Mega-City One, that there’s plenty of money floating around here as well. So, here we are, up in the higher levels with the rich folks.

Although not all the money is clean, as Aldalisa Brown has just found out. It seems poor, deceased Ma and Pa just happened to be, “the fourth-largest manufacturer and distributor fo high-grade narcotics in the northern sector.”


Aldalisa: “I had sometimes wondered about the somewhat less-than-couth nature of some of mother’s business associates.”

Although there is a possible solution to Aldalisa’s troubles, which brings us right back to Carroll’s interest in organised crime in MC-1, last seen (I think) with The Kindred, The Parliament, and Sage in ‘The Long Game‘ in Progs #2126-2129.

Light on Dredd, but all the better for it, with Carroll playing his own long game with all the organised crime links.

THISTLEBONE: POISONED ROOTS – PART 11 – TC Eglington, Simon Davis, letters by Simon Bowland

Seema ends up in Malcolm Kinniburgh’s car, way too deep into it all. Although in Thistlebone, things are rarely as they seem…

The 11th-hour twist indeed.

One episode to go. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to end with blood, with sacrifice, with Thistlebone.

It’s been just the same slow-build horror as the first series, the chills none the less for knowing what we’re dealing with… although, given this is Thistlebone, what we think we’re dealing is definitely not the whole truth, not a bit of it.


The Intestinauts are on the case of a rogue symbiote suit that’s managed to bond with I-R-404.

So, I-R-404 is on the outside for a change, getting all sorts of new experiences…

But, being a very different form of unauthorized symbiote suit means I-R-404’s in a very different sort of doo-doo than usual.

Silly, funny, ridiculous, great-looking stuff from Parr, the Intestinauts really do work so well in this short 3Riller format.

FUTURE SHOCKS – GOODBYE TO ZANE – John Tomlinson, Anna Morozova, letters by Simon Bowland

Zane Grey, obnoxious PI, investigating a series of suspect deaths at Cato Micronics, run by Seth Lisk, “weirdo tech brainiac,” and absolutely not based on anyone you’d possibly know.

Anyway, it’s that old chestnut, brain manipulation and the quest for eternal youth, with a twist you can see coming a mile off. Still, always pleasing to see Morozova’s art in the Prog.

FERAL & FOE II – PART 8 – Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, letters by Jim Campbell

Okay, so Wraith is in Bode’s body, Bode’s in Wraith’s body, Krodgun’s found out he’s missing one soul, and all three of them are off on a mission for Golgone the Necromancer in exchange for getting them all sorted back out.

So, as with any good side quest, it’s time for a long walk of an episode, with time for a little reminiscing and wishing for the world to have turned out a different way. Suprisingly heartfelt as well, Abnett throwing in just that little bit of pathos amongst the ongoing farce.

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