Image Comics’ ‘That Texas Blood’ #7 Launches New Story Arc

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Chris Condon and artist Jacob Phillips return to the popular crime series That Texas Blood for an all new story arc this June from Image Comics. If you’ve been following this series then you’ll be keen to know what happens next after the traumatic and bloody conclusion of the last issue. That Texas Blood #7 will pick up the story after volume one’s conclusion and throws readers straight into a harrowing new chapter.

“Returning to Ambrose County and these characters is like going home in many ways. They feel like old friends more than old creations and none more so than Sheriff Joe Bob Coates. I’m beyond excited to explore a bit of Joe’s past in this next story arc as we travel back in time to 1981. We’ll see new places, meet new people, and explore ideas we haven’t before. I’ve always believed that the beginning years of any decade are the hangover of the previous one, and I am absolutely thrilled that we are allowed to dissect this over the next six issues with our merry band of Ambrose Countians. But don’t be fooled, we aren’t viewing the past through rose-colored glasses. I’ve said before that Texas is America’s mystical land, but every fantasy world has a minotaur lurking in the dark or a dragon breathing through smoking nostrils over armor-clad corpses. Our Texas is no different. The shadows there stretch to the horizon, devouring all light. But there are some who see the darkness and strike a match to light the way. I hope that you’ll join us on our trip down Highway 90, into the heart of Ambrose County and into the dark depths of the past. But don’t you fret, we’re not out of matches yet.” – Chris Condon

So, what should you to expect from this new issue?

“In That Texas Blood #7, Joe Bob reminisces about one of his first cases: a haunting and bizarre evening that left a boy dead, a girl missing, a cult on the loose, and introduced a mysterious man called Harlan Eversaul.”

That Texas Blood #7 will be available on Wednesday, June 3th from Image Comics.

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