Marvel Reveals Nine Phil Jimenez Pride Month Variant Covers

by Brendan M. Allen

This June, Marvel Comics commemorates Pride Month with a new series of stunning variant covers by Phil Jimenez. Spotlighting Marvel’s growing LGBTQ+ representation, Marvel’s Pride Month Variant Covers will feature some of Marvel’s most popular LGBTQ+ heroes: Wiccan and Hulkling, America Chavez, Mystique, Northstar, Iceman, Moondragon, Black Cat, Daken, and the new Valkyrie, Runa. These depictions will proudly adorn the covers of your favorite Marvel titles throughout the month of June.

Black Cat #7 Pride Month Variant Cover, on sale 6/2/2021

“I’m always blown away at how different things are now in comics when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation than when I started, and Marvel’s dedication to that inclusion,” Jimenez said. “As an (ahem!) older gay creator, I’m always thrilled by the opportunity to draw iconic LGBTQ+ characters from Marvel’s past and present, and grateful to contribute to Marvel’s future: one that truly represents the world, and the wonderful diversity of humanity, right outside your window.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Pride Month Variant Cover, on sale 6/23/2021

Check out all nine Pride Month Variant Covers here, and look for them on spinner racks  starting on June 2, 2021.

Marauders #21 Pride Month Variant Cover, on sale 6/2/2021
Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 Pride Month Variant B, featuring Hulkling and Wiccan, available 6/23/2021
Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 Pride Month Variant A, featuring America Chavez, available 6/23/2021
The Might Valkyries #3 Pride Month variant Cover featuring Runa, available 6/16/2021
Wolverine #13 Pride Month Variant Cover featuring Daken, available 6/23/2021
X-Factor #10 Pride Month Variant Cover featuring Northstar, available 6/30/2021
X-Men #21 Pride Month Variant Cover featuring Mystique, available 6/9/2021

Brendan M. Allen

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