Erik Larsen Brings Back ‘Ant’ With An All-New Ongoing Series From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Ant was a comic book fourteen years in the making and now finally about to get a conclusion and now Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen is kicking off a whole new series this August. A new number one and a new origin story too.

“I’ve been invested in Ant ever since Mario Gully initially pitched the book at Image back when I was the publisher. Mario and I threw a lot of ideas back and forth about how to make the character work at Image and the more I thought about the possibilities — the more I liked the character. I even plotted and laid out a final Ant chapter for Mario’s run on the book, which I ended up completing myself as the finale to her initial series,” – Erik Larsen.

Larsen has now bought Ant from Gully, although he is keen to point out this isn’t going to be a regular thing:

“Buying characters from other people is not something I typically do. In fact, it’s not something I do at all. But Ant intrigued me. I’d put so much thought into the character and her series that I couldn’t help myself. Mario named his price and I paid it.” 

Ant was originally reintroduced when Larsen was writing and drawing Spawn with Todd McFarlane. She was part of a four-part crossover with Larsen’s book Savage Dragon:

“I thought Ant was a natural fit in the Spawn/Savage Dragon Universe. And now that I’ve moved on from Spawn, I can at last devote my full attention to Ant’s adventures.”

A new book also brings with a fresh new start too:

“Not since the debut of Savage Dragon have I started a series with more preparation and more plans. This one has been percolating in the back of my brain for more than a decade. Mario’s book was all over the place. there were five writers over 11 issues, all pushing and pulling in different directions, there were numerous flashbacks and glimpses into her past and it never quite gelled in any coherent way. This new book is essentially a clean slate. It’s far more linear and straightforward. I tell her origin in the first issue and we follow her adventures from that point on. It touches on events from her original series and makes sense of it all. It’s the book I had hoped the Ant book would be. It’s a chance to realize her potential at long last.”  

So, that’s the hard sell out of the way, now for a look at the various covers, and a sneak peek at interior art to leave you with.

Ant #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 25th with the following covers:


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