Art For Art’s Sake #104: We Give You Endless And Madness

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, not so much a weekly column giving you the very best of comic artwork from that Internet thingy as a collective therapy session for us all. So pull up a chair and relax and you enjoy the art… including a whole host of Marc Hempel’s wonderful Gregory and Endless artwork…

So, shall we begin with a little bit of Hunt Emerson with Calculus Cat and Firkin? Of course we will…

Sgt Rock #348Joe Kubert

Hellboy – Gerald Parel

Batman B&W – Jenny Frison

Batman B&W – Yasmine Putri

Bruce Timm – Black Bolt & Medusa

Christian Ward – Black Bolt

Rod Reis – The new Captain Britain

Dan Hipp – Batman The Adventures Continue

Russell Dauterman – Wiccan and Hulkling

Serge Clerc

Strange Tales 159 (1967) by Jim Steranko

Thor cover by Nic Klein

Wonder Woman – Jenny Frison

Zatanna – Adam Hughes


We shall end with Marc Hempel, who describes himself as – “Writer, illustrator, cartoonist, designer, drummer, Cubs fan, occasional human bed for kitties, and diligent defender of the Oxford comma. I’m best known for drawing most of The Sandman: The Kindly Ones (Vertigo/DC Comics).”

So, let’s begin with some Endless and Sandman, beginning with Dream, Death, Delirium, and Desire all reminding us that masking up is still good.

But for many of us, me included, whenever I think of Hempel’s work, I think of Gregory…

“A lovable, institutionalized boy in a straitjacket who speaks only in vowels. Sharing his small cell is a mortality challenged rat named Herman Vermin and a cheese-fixated mouse named Wendell. Together, they manage to generate more entertainment than a roomful of stand-up comedians (at a fraction of the cost)!'”

“My cover art for the first issue of the succubus-meets-superhero saga Breathtaker (DC Comics, 1990). Arguably my strongest collaboration with writer and colorist Mark Wheatley, Breathtaker was originally published as a four issue ‘prestige format’ series, and was later reprinted as a Vertigo trade paperback. We had fun utilizing some fancy-schmancy printing effects on the covers (e.g., the large heart design on this cover was printed in a fifth ink color).”

Superhero satire starring two sullen, indifferent teenage girls named Caitlin and Kaitlin. An as-yet-undeveloped comics series. The thumbnail sketch for this art dates from March of 2012; digital coloring was (finally) completed a few days ago.

My back cover art for Marvel Fanfare #27 (1986). Oh, yeah – I also wrote, penciled, inked, lettered, and colored an 8-page backup story to go with it!

“From 1980, my 4-page strip “Spaceman” that was published in Questar (Feb. ‘81, Vol. 3, No. 3). Back then, my forte was twist-of-fate science fiction stories featuring unhappy astronauts. As this was created during my last year at NIU, I probably shoulda been in painting class; alas, getting my work published in slick, newsstand magazines proved to be a bit distracting! Media is India ink and watercolor.”


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