A Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing: Previewing ‘The Mighty Valkyries’ #2

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Mattia de Iulis

Written by Jason Aaron, Torunn GrØnbekk
Art by Mattia de Iulis
Pencils Erica D’Urso


The biggest new addition to the Marvel Universe finally fulfills a promise years in the making! On the planet of Perdita lives an ancient power — imprisoned. Leashed. Valkyrie goes to free it — and herself. And she must work quickly, for back on Midgard, Jane Foster has fallen into the sights of Kraven the Hunter! The killer stalks a beast from another plane, one whom Loki claims threatens the lives of every mortal. But there is more to this creature than meets the eye. Can the gaze of a Valkyrie reveal the secrets behind the wolf and his unearthly origin?”

The Mighty Valkyries #2 is out Wednesday 19th May from Marvel

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