Dark Horse’s ‘Killer Queens’: Love, Xenophobia, And Fascism Coming In August 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

Join writer David M. Booher, artist Claudia Balboni, colorist Harry Saxon, and letterer Lucas Gattoni in the new Dark Horse mini-series Killer Queens, arriving August 2021. The all LGBTQ creative team tackles issues of love, xenophobia, and the terror of fascist dictatorships in the hilarious queer sci-fi epic.


‘Meet Max and Alex, two gay reformed intergalactic assassins-for-hire on the run. Their former boss—a fluffy monkey with a jetpack—is hot on their tail to take back his stolen ship. 

Even reformed assassins have to eat, so they take a mission from Alex’s old flame: your standard no-kill, casualty-free kidnapping recovery from a nearby moon. Only complication? Half the moon is ruled by a fascist dictator hostile to foreigners. They’re the Killer Queens, so what could possibly go wrong?’

“Killer Queens is a wide right turn from Canto, but that’s what I love about it. LGBTQ representation matters, and we’ve created a fun, funny space romp that features queer characters but isn’t your typical LGBTQ storyline.” says Booher. “The entire creative team has put their hearts and souls into making this gorgeous series, and Dark Horse has put their full faith behind it. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have readers come along for this wild ride.”

“When I read this story I got excited. Space, adventure, queer characters with a retro flavor style and a lot of fun,” adds Balboni. “I really enjoyed drawing this queer universe and I’m thrilled to be a part of this explosive team.”

Killer Queens #1 (of 4) is currently available for pre-order and arrives August 18, 2021, with covers by Balboni and Saxon, Chris Ables, and Jen Bartel.

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