Webcomic Weekly: Luke Healy Gives Us ‘Dogs On Dates’ And So Much More

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – one webcomic every week – simple! And we’re all about being as inclusive as possible here when we talk about webcomics. Basically, all it has to be is online, available for you to read, and bloody good – once it covers those basics we really don’t care what else it is.

This week we have comic artist Luke Healy, who’s been posting over at his Twitter for a while now, as well as putting up short comics at his website – some single gag strips, some short comics… but all of them damn good!

That’s the comic I saw the other day that prompted me to add Healy’s name to the list of those to be covered in Webcomic Weekly – a few one-off strips that Healy’s done, Dogs on Dates.

Healy’s made three graphic novels thus far, plus dozens of short stories. His three graphic novels are How to Survive in the North (NoBrow, 2017), a book of the year with Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post and The Irish Examiner, Permanent Press (Avery Hill, 2018), a satire of the comics industry, and Americana (And the Act of Getting Over It) (NoBrow, 2019); an autobiographical account of Healy’s 2016 attempt to walk from Mexico to Canada (seriously!).

On his Twitter, you can find plenty of great comics, some as short as the dogs above, others are longer, such as the 12-page A Practical Cure, where Healy decides the best way to cure his anxiety is to go solo backpacking around Europe (no surprise… it wasn’t):

Or Peeping Tom, from 2019, a tale of living and renting in London…

All of Healy’s work has a lightness to it artistically, but each different strip, each different project, has its own artistic identity, some of it loose, some tight, all of it well done. And there’s this real sense of a rich, dry wit to his work, coupled quite often with a sense of the ridiculous, or at least an observation of all the strange little things, the unusual moments that happen day-to-day.

There’s a great breadth of styles, a great breadth of material available at Luke Healy’s website and Twitter, lots to go and read and enjoy.

And hopefully, as the weeks and months of 2021 go on… more great Dogs on Dates

Catch up with Luke Healy on Twitter, support him on Patreon, and find out all about him from his website. His new book, The Con Artists, is being previewed over on Patreon before it comes to print with Faber & Faber in 2022


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