Cygames Announces ‘Project GAMM’, A New Multiplayer Action Title From The Creator Of Senran Kagura

by Sage Ashford

Famitsu has revealed screenshots of the newest game from Cygames (Shadowverse), Project GAMM. First mentioned and translated by Gematsu, Project GAMM is described as a player versus player experience set in a world of magitech.  Little is known about the game other than a focus on multi-player, but there’s also maids, robots, and knights that will be playable characters.

The game’s creative team consists of Kenichiro Takaki as developer, who’s best known for creating the Senran Kagura franchise for developer Marvelous. The illustrator is Mogumo, while designs are being handled by Kiyoshi Arai. The illustrations offer a look at the different main characters that will be playable, while offering a glimpse at the world design.

Cygames currently has two other major titles in development for console, Granblue Fantasy: ReLink and Project Awakening, neither of which have firm release dates yet.

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