‘Back 4 Blood’ Releases Age-Restricted ‘Meet The Cleaners’ Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher WBIE has released a new trailer featuring the main characters of their new game Back 4 Blood. The characters are:

  • Walker: A veteran who’s special skills involve increasing accuracy through precision kills, doing additional damage, and adding to overall team health.
  • Doc: A doctor who’s special skills involve a heal bonus when at low health, superior healing efficiency, and helping team trauma resistance.
  • Karlee: A woman who can sense hazards, get an additional quick inventory slot, and helps out team use speed.
  • Jim: The team sniper.  He has faster ADS speed, and adds team weakspot damage, and precision kills give him increased damage.
  • Hoffman: A prepper with the ability to spawn ammo with kills, has an additional offensive item slot, and adds to the team’s ammo capacity.
  • Evangelo: The newest member of the group, capable of breaking out of grabs, who also gains stamina faster than everyone else, and adds to the team’s movement speed.
  • Mom: She has the ability to instantly revive someone, has an additional support inventory slot, and adds an extra life to the team.
  • Holly: She recovers stamina with each kill she gets, has superior damage resistance, and adds to the team’s stamina.

Back 4 Blood launches October 12th on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC via Steam and EGS.

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