Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #4 Feels Somewhat Slow

by Benjamin Hall


Two enemy combatants team-up on an alien planet. But even if they survive the native lifeforms can they survive Megaton and his crew?


Cover A features art by artist Josh Burcham who provides a very iconic, if somewhat common, look. What makes it work most are the colors, which are by design slightly fading, and the positioning of Dinobot. Artist Dan Schoening and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado provide a look that says toy marketing proposal. Yet, the combination of Dinobot and Waspinator should evoke fond memories from fans of the original cartoon show (Beast Wars: Transformers [1996-1999]). The retailer incentive cover is by artist Dan Khanna and colorist Josh Perez. It features vibrant colors, a lot of depth, and nice proportions. Also it is the closest to the look of the original cartoon show, especially in terms of the coloring.

Tranformers Beast Wars (2021) #4 Cover A art by Josh Burcham

Writer Erik Burnham provides some strong characterization, particularly in terms of the dialogue. Although Burnham’s dialogue at times does not match with the characterizations from the original show. Unfortunately the opening page will read better in a collection. This is due to how Burnham and Burcham arguably create the feeling that it is the middle portion of a story. As for the art Burcham sometimes lays out pages in a way that arguably slows the pacing. Also Burcham is still too minimalistic with Tarantulas’s and Scorponok’s animal appendages when they are in their robot modes. Nonetheless the art is still high quality, especially in terms of proportions.

When it comes to the colors there isn’t too much new to say. Burcham elevates his art with the darker color scenery. Whereas the lighter color scenery makes the art look rougher. Though this could also be down to Burcham drawing less familiar designs. As for the lettering letterer Jake M. Wood also does well at elevating the dialogue. Wood also does a mostly great job with positioning the word balloons and their anchors. Yet, it is Wood’s way of suggesting different vocal volumes that is of particular note.

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