The ICE-Cast Cometh: Talking With John Layman About New Comics ‘Bermuda’, ‘Chu’ And That Time Jim Lee Brought A Camel To The Party

by Olly MacNamee

This week’s ICE-Cast Live was a bit fo a funny one. With myself and fellow host, and founder, Shane Chebsey, living here in the UK, timing scan often prove problematic. Problematic enough that we almost missed talking with John Layman. However, I twist my co-host’s arm to stay online and after a decent hour of comic boom related chit-chat, John Layman was able to join us. And I’m so glad he did. The second hour of this two-hour livestream was more than worth it. We waxed lyrical about the astounding artwork Nick Bradshaw has brought to their join venture, Bermuda from IDW, as well as the return of a Chu and so much more! Oh, and a great look back at his time as editor at Jim Lee’s Wildstorm and the out-of-this-world parties he used to arrange. Before the DC Comics buy-out that is.

Thanks for your time, John, and see you again soon. Here’s hoping you enjoy watching this latest edition as much as we did!

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