‘Lights, Planets, People!’ The New Graphic Novel Of Space Science and Mental Health From Avery Hill And Lizzy Stewart

by Richard Bruton

Just announced from Avery Hill PublishingLight, Planets, People! is a new graphic novel adaptation of space science, mental health, and communication from Lizzy Stewart, author of the magnificent Walking Distance.

Lights, Planets, People! is described by Avery Hill as “an intimate and exhilarating graphic novel
about space science, mental health, and communication – both interpersonal and intergalactic.” I’ve no doubt its’s going to live up to that billing either, as it’s the new graphic novel adaptation from Lizzy Stewart and Molly Naylor, from Naylor’s play of the same name.

Stewart, of course, is the creator of Walking Distance, also from Avery Hill, described by a certain someone as an “introspective, intriguing graphic novel that takes walking as a simple thing but crafts a memoir that’s both deeply personal and yet wonderfully universal.”

So a work bringing Stewart’s magnificent, evocative, gentle artwork to a story of science, space, and reflection on self really does strike me as one to put on your ever-growing list of books to buy.

In Lights, Planets, People!, the story follows “renowned astronomer” Maggie Hill, who is giving a lecture on her career in science and astronomer to young women, all designed to inspire them to go into science. But she’s also about to attend her first therapy session, as she struggles to overcome debilitating anxiety. Inside the graphic novel, we follow Maggie as both events give her chance to reflect on her life, her career, her accomplishments, and her regrets.

Find out more from Molly’s website / @MollyNaylorLizzy’s website / @LizzyStewart

Lights, Planets, People! is released from Avery Hill Publishing on 23 September in the UK and 28 September in the USA.



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