Jumping On: New Story Arcs Kicking Off On May 26, 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

One of the hardest and most frustrating things about finding new comics to read and enjoy is finding a good jumping on point. It can be confusing and disheartening to pick up a single issue from the middle of an arc. Without the context of the previous chapters, it’s nearly impossible to make the same emotional connections that longtime readers have already established. 

With that in mind, here are some titles kicking off new story arcs and a few interesting #1’s premiering this upcoming New Comic Book Day, Wednesday, May 26, 2021. 

This is a huge week for new beginnings, so strap in.

New Story Arcs:

Fantastic Four #32, Marvel

‘The Bride of Doom, Part 1: Rules of Engagement/Duel Intentions: 

The Human Torch’s love life is changed forever when he must choose between his soulmate and his ex-wife… And is Johnny Storm’s first heartbreak, Crystal, back in the book?! This is all too much! Fortunately, there is also a lot of punching, hitting and clobbering going on! All this and an ominous decree by Doctor Doom! 

Plus: A second tale in which Reed Richards duels Doctor Doom for the strangest prize imaginable!’

Money Shot #11, Vault

‘New Arc! New Thrills! With a founding member on the outs, Chris seeks a replacement, and finds it in Dr. Yazaman Blanco, whose research might literally save the Earth, and whose hotness might melt the ice caps. But, when a mission to a ruined planet goes south, does she have what it takes to get the money shot?’

Killadelphia #13, Image

‘Home Is Where The Hatred Is, Part One:

The showdown between undead detective James Sangster Sr. versus vampire queen Abigail Adams and her legion reaches fever pitch now that Abigail has killed his son. But revenge becomes even more complicated as dark figures from the past have emerged, and even more shocking surprises that you never saw coming are unearthed!’

Manifest Destiny #43, Image

‘New Story Arc!

In 1803, Lewis and Clark were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the uncharted United States westward. Not to mention kill every damn creature in their path.

Now, the Pacific Coast is within sight, and their long and terrifying journey is almost over. There is just the matter of resolving their bargain with a demon…

In 2013, Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts began their acclaimed historical adventure series…now, they begin their final adventure. May God save our souls.’

Ascender #15, Image

‘New Story Arc!

Star Seed, Part One

What are the twin hearts of the galaxy? As our heroes reconvene, the origins of man, machine, and the unknown are at last revealed.’

Black Widow #7, Marvel

‘New Story Arc! New Mission!

With a new suit, a new base of operations, new allies and a new perspective, Natasha sets her sights on a mysterious emerging villain in San Francisco known only as Apogee. But Natasha might not be as ahead of the game as she thought, and not everyone in her orbit is exactly what they seem. San Francisco desperately needs the Black Widow…it just doesn’t quite know it yet.’

Something Is Killing The Children #16, BOOM! Studios

‘The story you demanded begins here: the origin of Erica Slaughter!

What shocking events brought Erica to the House of Slaughter?

And what did she have to do to join the Order of St. George?

The secrets are revealed here for the first time in this perfect jumping-on point for new readers.’

Notable #1’s also dropping this week:

Cherry Blackbird #1, Scout

‘Rockstar Cherry Blackbird sold her soul for fame. Now at the age of 26, time is running short. The day she turns 27, she’ll be dragged to Hell. But Cherry is not one to go quietly. The Devil tasks her with collecting seven demonic souls that have escaped the Abyss. If she can do this before her next birthday, she’ll be released from her infernal pact and spared eternal damnation. Heaven help anyone who gets in her way!’

The Blue Flame #1, Vault Comics

‘The Blue Flame is a cosmic hero. The Blue Flame is a DIY vigilante that fights crime on the streets of Milwaukee. The Blue Flame is a blue collar HVAC repairman named Sam Brausam. 

In the wake of a horrific tragedy, the boundaries of the Blue Flame’s identity blur even further. Now, before a universal trial, the Blue Flame must prove that humanity is worth saving. But in order to do that, Sam Brausam has to save himself. Can he?’

Made in Korea #1, Image Comics

‘A Quickstart Guide For Your Proxy

STEP 1: Remove box.

STEP 2: Power on.

STEP 3: Raise your child.

For Jesse, the world’s first true A.I. system, growing up means learning to think outside the box. This exciting new six-issue miniseries will redefine what it means to be a family in an age when biological parenthood is no longer a reality.’

The Witcher: Witcher’s Lament #1, Dark Horse Comics

‘Flames rise as a witch is burned at the stake. As Geralt searches for his next job, disturbing issues of the fatal persecution appear before him, bringing an ominous warning.’

Star Wars Adventures: Weapon Of A Jedi #1, IDW 

‘The Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Empire’s dreaded Death Star, but the Imperial starfleet continues hunting the rebels throughout the galaxy. Luke Skywalker now seeks to support the Rebellion as an X-wing fighter. But as he flies with the pilots of the Red Squadron, Luke feels stirrings of the Force. And this farm boy turned fighter pilot begins to suspect that his destiny lies along a different path.’

Reptil #1, Marvel

‘Reptil on the brink of extinction! In the wake of Kamala’s Law and his Grandfather’s worsening health, Humberto Lopez, A.K.A. Reptil, has taken a step back from crime-fighting to refocus on his family. Perhaps its a sign that he should give up on becoming a hero and finally come to terms with his parents’ mysterious disappearance…or perhaps not!

 When a mysterious figure ambushes Humberto, what unravels will shake the core of everything Humberto thought he knew about his past and will either change the course of his future—or end it forever! 

Don’t miss out on this breakout series from rising stars Terry Blas and Enid Balám!’

Stargirl Spring Break Special #1, DC

‘Courtney Whitmore’s spring break plans aren’t like your average high schooler’s.  Instead of hanging out with friends, she’s heading out on an adventure with her stepfather, Pat Dugan, a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E., and teaming up with his former team, the Seven Soldiers of Victory!  The Soldiers are forced to reunite again to unearth the secret eighth Soldier of Victory, but what other secrets lie buried, and what does it all mean for Courtney’s future as Stargirl?’


Heroes Reborn: Magneto and the Mutant Force #1, Marvel

‘Can Magneto  resurrect hope for Mutantkind before it’s too late?

Years ago, Magneto and Professor X led Earth’s mutants in a final push for independence against the Squadron Supreme of America. What followed was the Squadron’s Mutant Massacre, a violent rebuttal that left Mutantkind forever wounded, and Xavier dead…or so Magneto thought. 

Years later, Magneto discovers Xavier clinging to life in the astral plane and gathers his allies for a first-of-its-kind rescue mission. Too bad the same mission puts the Mutant Force back on the Squadron’s radar! Failure means the last gasp of Mutant-kind, but success means the first breaths of something even more elusive to the mutants of Heroes Reborn: HOPE.’

Mr. Miracle: The Source of Freedom #1, DC

‘Spinning out of DC Future State, the story of how Shilo Norman became the Mister Miracle of tomorrow starts here.  

The Mister Miracle show used to be the hottest ticket in town, whether you caught him onstage escaping from perilous traps or spotted him on the streets of Metropolis taking out bad guys.  What Shilo Norman forgot is the first rule of both showbiz and super-heroing: always leave them wanting more.  

Now it’s time to start showing the world what a miracle man can do. Showbiz/superhero rule #2: timing is everything.  There’s a new performer in town who wants to knock Mister Miracle off his pedestal and stake a claim to his famous moniker!  Can Shilo break free of this trap?  (Why yes, that is a clue.)’

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