The Event-Series That Doesn’t Feel Like An Event-Series: ‘Heroes Reborn’ #3 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee


Another issue of ‘Heroes Reborn’ that relegates the main story to the indignity of a back-up strip. Who’s idea was this, because it doesn’t fly with this reader?


With so many one-shot tie-ins to this core Heroes Reborn series, one would think the main book would be something different. But no. With it’s focus on The Flash carbon-copy, The Blur, this feels like just another tie-in with the short back-up strip moving the main plot of Captain America’s return onwards. 

But the main plot shouldn’t be a guest star in its own comic, now should it? It almost feels like Jason Aaron hasn’t got enough of a story to tell. A nice set fo character designs, yes, but beyond that it’s beginning to feel very thin. And very tepid. 

Again, it’s the art that saves the issue with a zippy and energetic style from Frederico Vincentini on the main story and Ed McGuiness on the back-up. But at $4.99 a pop, it’s already costing me far more than I would like for just a few slim pages of importance. It’s certainly not like any big event mini-series I’ve ever read, that’s for sure. 

The Blur gets taken down by the magical Silver Witch who feels that something is not quite right about this particular Avenger-free reality. Just like The Hulk before her in the second issue. Will this really be the pattern for the remaining four issues, do you think? A focus on one of the Squadron Supreme members, followed by a quick catch up with Blade, Cap and Thor. Although this is another issue he is absent from. 

With no desire to buy any further tie-ins based on these first three issues alone, this is one Marvel event that has failed to land with this particular punter. 

Heroes Reborn #3 is out now from Marvel

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