Webcomic Weekly: It’s Time For ‘Monster MACS’!

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, giving you new comics to love every single week… this week, a return engagement with a brand-new webcomic from PJ Holden and John Reppion.

Last time we mentioned John Reppion and PJ Holden, it was with their Folklore Thursday Twitter comic, which we covered right here. But since then, the Reppion/Holden team have given us all another Twitter comic, Monster MACS.

Three kids, Li, Evie, and Biko (and Fort, the dog) with an interest in all things cryptozoological get together for adventuring…

You have Li Wei Leong, Evie Ewan, and Biko Morris (plus his dog, Fort) and together, they’re the Macintosh Area Cryptozoological Society. M.A.C.S. for short.

Monster MACS, if you ask Li. (Because that sounds cooler, and has the word Monster in it.)

Monster MACS was a new weekly comic from John Reppion and PJ Holden, that began in October 2020 – getting 13 pages of the first chapter completed.

We got introduced to the gang, saw them head off to see The Lovelock Cave Ape in Burman’s traveling circus of curiosities, in a strip that’s packed with potential, a massively fun thing with some truly great artwork from Holden.

As the pages went on, we saw Fido snaffle a whistle from the circus… a strange artifact that Biko may have made a big mistake testing… just look at the hand creeping out of that panel on the far right there…


And then Biko found out that he’d got an unexpected mystery visitor in his treehouse…


And then, sadly, that was that. 13 pages in and it was all cruelly snatched away from us…

Yep, it’s over before it had really begun.

And that’s a damn shame, because it really did look like it could have been a great all-ages strip, as you’ll discover yourself when you go and read those 13 episodes.

However, like they say, the adventures are not over and the monsters are still out there. Hopefully, this means that there’s plans afoot to continue Monster MACS in some form. Maybe as a webcomic, maybe somewhere like The Phoenix Comic, where it would fit right in, or maybe somewhere completely different. But PJ, John? Don’t leave it too long – we all want to know where you’re going with Monster MACS!

You can find the whole thread of Monster MACS right here, as Li, Evie, and Biko (and Fort, the dog) are the Macintosh Area Cryptozoological Society aka M.A.C.S.

MonsterMACS – created by @PaulJHolden @johnreppion – remember to stop by the H&R Patreon site and support them for the next outing!

Now… the first four pages…



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