Early Look: The Gang Hatches A Plan To Get Home In ‘Orcs!’ #5

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Orcs! #5, the next issue in their original six-issue comic book series. Written and drawn by cartoonist Christine Larsen,  the series is about a band of misfit Orcs who set off into the great, wide Known World in search of glory and gold, but find that the real treasures were the friends they made along the way.

‘Whew! As Bog, Pez, Zep, Gurh, and Utzu catch their breath from their hijinks and misadventures, the Orcs hatch a plan to get back home. Except that Pez and Zep aren’t sure it’s even worth trying to go back. But the debate may be moot as they are literally swept away and brought face-to-face with… destiny?!’

Featuring main cover art by series artist Christine Larsen, with a variant cover art by Sweeney Boo and Andrew MacLean, will be available for sale on June 9, 2021.

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