‘WandaVision’ Head Writer Jac Schaeffer Sings Three-Year Overall Deal With Marvel Studios And 20th Television

by Erik Amaya

Marvel Studios is holding onto Jac Schaeffer.

Deadline reports the WandaVision head writer has signed a three-year overall deal with Marvel and 20th Television. The relationship will see Schaeffer creating television shows both for Marvel and 20th, a division more accustomed to broadcast fare. But for our purposes, it means she will also be bringing the quality of WandaVision to other Marvel programs.

And, really, who wouldn’t want that? The show turned out to be a phenomenon thanks to its homage to broadcast sitcoms and central mystery. It also proved to be a showcase for stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Kathryn Hahn — to say nothing of great guest stars, director Matt Shakman, and a talented crew. Although, it should be noted that Marvel is using a slightly different process to make television. As opposed to a writing producer serving as the ultimate creative authority — known colloquially as a “showrunner” — the head writer and director split those duties evenly with the director having more of a say in the design that is typically true in modern TV. The head writer, meanwhile, still works out the story and collaborates with individual episode writers (where applicable). Presumably, Schaeffer will continue in that capacity with any Marvel shows going forward. Over at 20th, though, she may be a more traditional showrunner. That balance would be advantageous as it signals to other showrunners that their customary authority will be maintained outside of Marvel.

Keeping talent like Schaeffer is good for Disney overall as it continues to build up its library for the streaming future. Hopefully, it means she’ll also give us another must-watch show in the next few years.

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