Square-Enix Announces ‘Dragon Quest Treasures’ For Dragon Quest’s 35th Anniversary

by Sage Ashford

Square-Enix’s 35th anniversary featured the announcement of multiple new games, including Dragon Quest Treasures, a new title centered around Dragon Quest 11 party member Erik and his sister Mia as children.  They didn’t go into much detail on this project, save to point out that the game was planned for a simultaneous worldwide release.

Judging from the trailer, both Erik and Mia are split up during the game and go on an adventure to find one another again.  A heavy focus is made on discovering treasure in the trailer, which likely indicates this game will have some gacha elements involved at some point.   Still, judging by the large collection of enemies shown in the trailer, hopefully there’s a proper story to the game, and the producer did say it was an RPG.

As of yet, no platforms for this game have been announced, so the game could be for anything…or everything.

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