Weekend Round Up: Your Weekly Digest Of All The Top Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Ahead of another edition of ICE-Cast Live – this week featuring Kelley Jones (Red Rain trilogy, Swamp Thing, Frankenstein Alive! Alive!) – we give you our usual selection of popular post; your ten-to-takeaway for this Memorial Day weekend.

  1. Talking about the ICE-Cast Live, last week’s lively chat with John Layman makes it into the top ten and it’s not the only podcast on this week’s list either. Catch up with our latest episode here.
  2. We also have Not Your Final Girl Podcast too. Candace Sluder and Ariel Dyer are joined by author and blogger Jessica Guess to talk about 2019’s Satanic horror comedies Satanic Panic and We Summon the Darkness here.
  3. More regular columns for you to catch up with starting with Brendan M Allen’s Jumping On here.
  4. And Brendan’s regular chat with Tony Thornley in New To You Comics can be read here. This week they took a look back at The Realm Vol. 1 from Image Comics.
  5. Ben Martin is currently looking again at The Fast and the Furious franchise here, with a look at the original movie from 2001.
  6. The news that David Gallaher was to step into script Archie Comics’ The Shield #1 after Rob Liefeld threw his toys out of the pram was always going to make the list wasn’t t? You can read all about this drama here.
  7. Brendan M Allen brought us news that Dark Horse were adding to Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer universe with The Unbelievable Umpteens this summer. For me, head over to here.
  8. On the interview front, Rachel Bellwoar talked with Eric Palicki about his new series Black Myth from Vault Comics here.
  9. DC Comics announced Superman vs. Lobo this week.
  10. And Tito W James brought us the trailer for Edgar Wright’s newest film, One Night in Soho here.

Well, that’s another week done, and the rest of the weekend still to enjoy!

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