‘Lupin The III Part VI’ Announced For The Franchise’s 50th Anniversary

by Sage Ashford

The legendary thief is back, as Lupin gets it’s another instalment courtesy of TMS Entertainment. Currently, what’s confirmed is Eiji Suganuma has been confirmed to direct, who previously worked on the film Lupin III: Prison of the Past. The writer is Takahiro Okura, who’s also worked on Detective Conan’s 21st and 23rd films.

Lupin has experienced something of a resurgence as of the last ten years, with Lupin Part IV making an appearance in 2015, and Lupin Part V coming out in 2018. Lupin Part V went a long way towards modernizing the character, telling darker stories that dealt more with technology.

Currently, Lupin the III Part VI has no release date.

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