Trapped In The Green: Previewing ‘The Swamp Thing’ #4

by Olly MacNamee

Our second horror title coming from DC Comics is The Samp Thing #4. A real return to form for this perennial favourite and a true classic in the making. If you don’t believe me, maybe read my reviews and buy the book. If you can find any copies of the past three issue in your local comic book store that is.

Written by Ram V
Art by Mike Perkins
Coloured by Mike Spicer

“Still trapped within the Green, Levi and Jennifer have encountered its denizens, both friendly and vile. But something is terribly wrong within the Green itself, and its origins may be closer to home than Levi thinks. As Swamp Thing, he must now use lessons learned to embrace his power and bring peace. But is he already too late? Have the seeds of discontent already been planted for the contagion to enter our world?”

The Swamp Thing #4 is out Tuesday 1st June from DC Comics

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