‘Aragami 2’ Releases September 17th

by Sage Ashford

The developers at Lince Works have confirmed the release date for their new stealth game, Aragami 2. Set in a universe where the main character and his people are elite warriors known as Aragami, the goal is to complete quests to save their village, who have been enslaved by an army of outsiders.  Aragami possess an ability known as the Shadow Essence, which allows them to control the shadows… until the power takes over their mind and body.

Aragami 2 allows players to play in three player co-op or complete the campaign on their own, and focuses on stealth-focused gameplay over straight up combat. Most of the abilities focus on fighting from the shadows or knocking out the opponent. Along the way, the player can customize their character’s weapons and armors and access a skill tree with 42 different powers.

Aragami 2 releases for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC on September 17th.

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