Two Original Characters Arrive In ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ This June

by Gary Catig

The June update for Marvel Contest of Champions brings a brand-new event along with a pair of original Champions that players can collect. Last fall, Morningstar was introduced, whose arch nemesis was Guillotine. In a “What If” story, the popular mobile fighter explores what would happen if Morningstar defeated her biggest enemy and regained her sword. To help introduce the upcoming additions in the update, the motion comic “Bloodlines” was released. A brief description accompanies the video below:

A Dark ritual revives an ancient weapon within The Battlerealm.

A mysterious note has found its way to the Summoner drawing them towards the Forbidden Territories alongside a few uncertain friends. It seems an ancient ritual has brought about La Fleur du Mal as well as its wielders. 

Will you put aside differences and forget the past to work together in the present?

As can be observed from “Bloodlines,” the new newest Champions are Purgatory and the Overseer. Also arriving in June are the Grandmaster’s Gauntlet and Queen Hassen’s Langurian Castle Rifts challenges along with balance updates and bug fixes. Learn more here.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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