‘The Walking Dead Deluxe’ #7 – 12 Get Second Printings And More David Finch Portrait Covers

by Olly MacNamee

The fully coloured reprint series, The Walking Dead Deluxe have already had the first six issues go back for a second printing, featuring a set of portraits of iconic characters from the series by David Finch. Well, now that The Walking Dead Deluxe#7-12 are to get second printings too, we get a whole new set of Finch portrait covers for collectors and fans to hoover up. This time featuring Tyreese, Dale, Julie, Hershel, Maggie and Carol.

Written by creator Robert Kirkman, with art by Charlie Adlard, and colours by Dave McCaig, The Walking Dead Deluxe #7-12 also features “Cutting Room Floor” commentary, revelations, pin-ups and more from Kirkman celebrating the secret history of the series.

The new covers will also be released as black and white ‘raw’ incentive 1:25 covers too.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #7-12 second printings will be released in comic book shops on Wednesday, June 30th from Skybound/Image Comics

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