Advance Review: The Sheriff’s Tournament Devolves Into Chaos And Gore In ‘Nottingham’ #4

by Brendan M. Allen

In Nottingham #4, the city hosts a grand tournament to attempt to draw Hood and the Merry Men in. It doesn’t exactly go down as planned. Chaos and gore follow, leaving the Sheriff the only man standing between Notingham’s aristocrats and certain doom. 

Sound familiar? It should. This is Child Ballad 152 (Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow), but not the way you remember it.

David Hazan continues to take these well-loved characters and familiar tales and turn them inside out, but the deeper we go, the more sense this version makes. Ev’s no angel, but Hazan has built him up to be a very credible antihero babyface. Hood, on the other hand, that cat is hard to pin down. It’s pretty clear the leader of this murderous syndicate can’t really be slotted into the ‘hero’ category either.

This chapter has much more action in it, which means Shane Connery Volk and Luca Romano get to dial the gore back up, but there’s a lot more here than smashed skulls and slit throats. Those opening scenes at the tournament are gorgeous. The joust, the duel, the melee… You can almost smell the sawdust, blood, and body odor in the arena.

Last chapter was a little slow, but it was necessary for the payoff in this installment. The payoff, of course, being that huge twist in the last sequence. No one’s hands are clean in this one, and that’s so awesome and completely screwed at the same time. I love it.

Nottingham #4, Mad Cave Studios, 09 June 2021. Written by David Hazan, art by Shane Connery Volk, color by Luca Romano, letters by Joamette Gil.


The penultimate issue of Nottingham is just as twisted and beautiful as you’d expect. Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow, but not as you’ve ever seen it.

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