The Return Of Oscar Martin’s Solo In Titan Comics’ ‘Solo: Survivors Of Chaos 2’ Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Warner Bros Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Oscar Martin returns with a sequel to Titan Comics’ Solo: Survivors of Chaos with new graphic novel, Solo: Survivors of Chaos 2.

You can read my review of the last graphic novel here and catch the preview below:

“In a future ravaged by nuclear wars, the Earth has given birth to an array of new mutated species, which have grown and repopulated the land. To make life easier for his poor family, Solo, a young rat, left his home to become a warrior. Contending with vicious animals and savage hunters, Solo does everything he can to survive. This action-packed, heart-breaking sequel sees Solo’s world turned upside-down once again.”

Solo: Survivors of Chaos 2 is out June 22nd from Titan Comics

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